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Beijing Zhongxing Shiqiang Ceramic Bearing


Beijing Zhongxing Shiqiang Ceramic Bearing Co., Ltd., founded in 2003, is the first private joint stock high-tech enterprise specialize in manufacturing rare-earth ceramic bearing in China.    

Rare-earth ceramic bearings take advantage of superior physical, chemical and mechanical properties of modern engineering ceramics, use national invention patent “Rare-earth ceramic bearing components and manufacturing method”(ZL92114993.X) and “Processing technic of ceramic balls”(ZL94106294.5), produced by special processing technic and have a lot of excellent performance.

Rare-earth ceramic bearings have many outstanding advantages, resistant to strong acid , strong alkali, salt…other corrosion, elevated temperature, and wear. Light structure weight, high limit speed, low noise, electric insulation, stable dimension at elevated temperature, small starting torque etc

They’re able to work under the poor lubrication condition, have longtime working life, can be widely used in aviation, aerospace, navigation, petroleum, chemical industry, machinery, automobile, locomotive, metallurgy, electronics, light textile, pump, pharmacy, food machinery, medical machinery, national defense and military technology…They’re new materials and hi-tech products have big society and economic benefit.


At present, our company are able to produce ceramic components made of four high performance ceramic materials- Si3N4, SSiC, ZrO2, Al2O3 . We can produce 280 types which precision from P0-P4 full ceramic bearings, hybrid ceramic bearings. Minimum inner diameter is 4mm, maximum outer diameter is 180mm. The full ceramic bearings made of Si3N4, SSiC, ZrO2. Models we produce generally are as follows:

  1. Deep groove ball bearing: 6800-6820, 6900-6920, 16001-16018, 6000-6020, 6200-6220, 6300-6320 series
  2. Angular contact bearing: 7900-7920 C/AC, 7000-7020 C/AC, 7200-7220 C/AC/B, 7300-7320 C/AC/B series (C: contact angle 15 °, AC: contact angle 25 °, B: contact angle 40 °)
  3. Double row self aligning ball bearing: 1200-1218, 1300-1318 series
  4. Spherical surface ball bearing: UC201-UC210 series
  5. Minisize ball bearing: 684-689, 694-699, 604-609, 624-629, 634-639 series
  6. High precision cylindrical roller and rolling cone bearing NN3000(3180100series) NU200/30200 series

Except ceramic bearings, we have successfully developed four structure ceramic mechanical parts, ceramic nozzle, ceramic mechanical seals, measuring implement, set block, ceramic bearing standard component, ceramic wire-drawing die, ceramic battery mould, ceramic activity fulcrum, ceramic bulletproof piece, ceramic valve, ceramic plunger…40 new products made of Si3N4, SSiC, ZrO2, Al2O3. We also successfully developed full sealed ceramic bearing and and gained the national patent.

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Beijing Zhongxing Shiqiang Ceramic Bearing



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