Since 1966 TPI Bearings (Tung Pei Industrial Co., Ltd.) has been leading the industry providing a massive range of custom design ebaring for global industry. With consistantly developement of product untilization and years of experiences from customized solutions, our product line of Deep Groove Ball Bearing, Angular Contact Ball Bearing, Cross Roller Bearing and Fluid Dynamic Bearing have been awarded reputation from customers in different fields, such as automotive, motorcycle, machine tool, electric motor and IT industry.

• Deep Groove Ball Bearing:

A deep groove is formed on each inner and outer ring of the bearings enabling them to sustain radial and axial loads or even combinations of both.

• Angular Contact Ball Bearing:

With different contact angles, higher axial load can be well taken care now. TPI angular contact ball bearings is the perfect solution for high runout accuracy applications such as machine tool main spindles. We also have high speed version (HS series) with ceramic rolling element, HS series bearings are able to withstand higher rotating speed than the standard design.

• Ball Screw Supporting Bearing:

BS series is designed to maximize smaller ball numbers with thicker I/R & O/R and 60 degree contact angle. This design allows BS series has greater axial rigidity than any other TPI angular contact bearing series. HBS series is designed to accommodate heavy load application, such as injection molding machine. Compare to BS series, HBS provide relative higher load rating and stiffness.

• Fluid Dynamic Bearing:

Fluid dynamic bearing (FDB) is a unique bearing type especially designed for computers, communications and consumer electronics industry. It is commonly used in cooling fans for servers and PCs. In comparison with ball bearings and sleeve bearings used in the past, FDB has the advantage of lower noise and steadier performance while operation. Together with the grease selected by TPI, our product achieved better lifetime and vibration resistance over the years.

• Cross Roller Bearing:

Cross roller bearing for the strainwave drive is structured by a two-pieces outer ring and one-piece inner ring with full roller in the raceways. The rollers are in linear contact with the 90° V groove raceways. The elastic deformation caused by the load is extremely small, so a single cross roller bearing can bear loads in all directions such as axial load, radial load and even moment. At the same time, the two-piece structure of outer ring is fixed together by bolts to avoid separation during installation or transportation and the operation is rather simple.





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