China Bearing Industry Association


China Bearing Industry Association(CBIA) is a national organization founded in 1988.CBIA members are voluntarily composed of bearing and its components enterprises as well as research institutes, designing institutes, universities and related industry enterprises, unrestricted by the area and department. CBIA is a social and economic community with legal personality and authorized by Ministry of Civil Affairs of Peoples' s Republic of China.

Over 300 members of CBIA spread most of the provinces and cities in China, concentrating the mainly bearing enterprises and have exclusive and representative nature. The sales value of its members is more than 70% that of the total bearing industry. China bearing industry developed rapidly since opening to the world. It is now capable of the annual sales value that reaches 156.7 billion Yuan in 2014, the annual output is 19.6 billion sets. There are more than 90000 kinds of bearings from 0.207mm inner diameter to 12m outer diameter, from the general precision to high precision. The total import and export and export volume is 8.28 billion US dollars among which the annual exporting value is up to 4.86 billion US dollars and is superior in Chinese machinery-electronics products.

The aim of CBIA is to Represent and protect the common benefit, to unite the power and promote the revitalization and development of the whole industry, to actively work as the bridge, the link, the assistant, the media organization, among the government, member units and users at home and abroad.

The main mission of CBIA is to investigate and research the present situation and developing direction, to report the suggestions and claim to the government; to accept the appointment of the government and give suggestions on the developing plan of the industry and technology economic policy; to organize the experience exchange of enterprises reformation, management, technology, quality, economy etc; to organize the statistical work, to collect, analyze and issue the technical and economical information; reinforce the building of talent team, organize the employee training and promote the use of new technologies; to organize domestic and international economic and technological exchanges, and hold exhibitions, support enterprise to explore the market both at home and aboard. Promote the development of the industry through various services.

China Bearing Industry Association



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