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Bearing Data is the most comprehensive and reliable database of industrial bearings interchange and aims to become a global reference.

More than 3 million bearing designations are available in Bearing Data’s database, providing roughly 200,000 interchange reports from more than 100 of the most important bearing manufacturers worldwide.

In using Bearing Data, you can find several alternative brands for your bearing applications, coupled with a detailed explanation of prefixes and suffixes for all bearing designations, as well as cage material.

You can conduct searches by simply entering the bearing designation you wish to find cross-references for, and then receive a clean, precise report. It is also possible to print and save reports. You can also use the report for a quotation request, purchase request or even for detailed inventory control.


Bearing Data’s Interchange Reports match different manufacturer part numbers you may have in stock, thus reducing duplicate inventory, eliminating unnecessary purchase expenses, delivery waiting time and avoiding unplanned downtime.

At Bearing Data, you’ll find standard bearings as well as bearings specifically designed for special applications. In terms of special applications, you can find bearings for high temperatures, electrically insulated bearings, bearings with special coatings, sealed bearings, ceramic bearings, corrosion-resistant bearings, split bearings, precision bearings, energy efficient bearings, special and large size bearings for the steel, paper and mining industries.

Another Bearing Data feature is the Bearing Basket, which is a very simple tool that helps you find the bearing you need.

Enter the data regarding the bearing you’re looking for (designation, quantity) and the part number will be uploaded into the Bearing Basket, which is a list of bearings on demand. The distributor with the respective bearing in inventory will send a quotation directly to your email.

You may find more information about this tool on Bearing Data’s homepage.


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