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Efficient maintenance thanks to simatherm and simatool

A professional installation and removal of rolling bearings are very demanding and important maintenance tasks. Without the right special tools, professional assembly and disassembly of rolling bearings is impossible. With its wide range of high-quality tools, simatec offers the best conditions for fast and safe working. With the proven simatool Fitting Tool FT 33, bearings can be quickly and precisely, cold-mounted onto the shaft or into a housing. Another method for the professional installation of bearings is the heating of the components before assembly. The leading bearing manufacturers recommend heating bearings to a temperature of 110 °C for installation. With simatherm induction heaters, rolling bearings and other annular metal parts can be heated efficiently. The devices allow quick and clean installation and replace conventional heating methods such as hot oil baths, open flames or ovens.

Improper installation

Over 16% of premature bearing failures are caused by improper installation. The lack of proper tooling and know-how often leads to new bearings being subjected to high levels of stress and sub-surface damage. This makes premature bearing failure inevitable. In order to prevent this, the correct procedure should be employed using professional, specialist tools throughout the installation process. Only in this way will the new bearings reach their expected service life.

Consistent, professional assembly and removal of bearings and radial seals without specialized tooling is simply impossible. A comprehensive selection of high quality, proven tools enables these operations to be performed quickly and safely every time.



  • Reduction of costs through proper installation and removal
  • Longer service life of the components
  • No damage to adjacent components when defective parts are removed
  • High-quality, specially developed tool sets
  • Practical, in a robust plastic carrying case with shaped insert
  • Quick instruction guide affixed directly onto case for convenience



The best way to avoid unwanted stresses when assembling inter­ference-fit parts is to heat the outer part just enough to produce a temporary clearance. simatherm induction heaters allow this to be done precisely, evenly, quickly and efficiently. Other methods of heating are slower, less controlled and can cause more harm than good to bearings.



  • Precise, even, quick heating
  • There is no risk of damage (from excessive mechanical stress, open flames, dirty oil baths, excessively hot ovens and plates)
  • Automatic demagnetisation
  • User friendly
  • Increased operational safety
  • Selectable power reduction for heating up smaller parts




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