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Hybrid Bearings from NKE are suitable for tough industrial applications

Industrial applications in challenging environmental conditions call for special bearing solutions. Bearing manufacturer NKE Austria GmbH has developed hybrid bearings for precisely these applications.

NKE hybrid bearings consist of ultrapure steel bearing rings and ceramic rolling elements made of bearing grade silicon nitride Si3N4  . At first glance, this material pairing is highly unusual, but it offers many advantages in an enormous range of applications, which significantly increases the reliability of the overall system.

The ceramic rolling elements have high wear resistance and can achieve better results under extremely demanding conditions, such as poor lubrication, thereby extending service life significantly. The very good 'dry-running properties' of a hybrid bearing play an extremely critical part in substantially enhancing the reliability of an application.

Advantages for the user of NKE Hybrid Bearings
  • Insulation: highest protection against passage of electric
  • Higher speed suitability: centrifugal force reduction due to the light rolling elements

  • Lightweight: Silicon nitride is 60% lighter than conventional rolling element steel

  • Extended service life: longer bearing life and longer re-lubrication intervals

  • Reduced friction: less frictional heat, especially at high speeds

  • High wear resistance

  • Higher rigidity: less deformation in rolling contact areas

  • Reduced risk of poor lubrication at high speeds and fast accelerations, or in the case of insufficient lubricating film

  • Low running noise operational bearings

  • Significantly less susceptible to standstill marks known as “false brinelling”

  • Reduced thermal expansion

  • More precise control of preload and bearing clearance

  • Dimensionally interchangeable

  • No additional tools required

  • Electrically isolating
  • Low friction coefficient
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Higher modulus of elasticity

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