Mahindra Sanyo Special Steel Pvt. Ltd.

Bearing Rings and Raceways for Roller Bearings

We are the premier suppliers of a wide assortment of Ring products in the country. Our ring products are of exceptional build quality since the high-quality alloy steel required to make them is readily available in-house. This is why the industry leaders trust our ring products to be used extensively in their various strenuous and demanding industrial applications.

We produce the following range of Ring products :

  • Bearings: Cylindrical, Tapered Roller & Spherical Bearing Races
  • Auto Components: Gear Blanks, Synchro Sleeves, Hypoid Gears

Testing & Inspection Facilities
  • Sample mounting Machine
  • Microscope with Image Analyzer
  • Muffle Furnace
  • Hardness Tester


Test Equipment’s for metallurgical lab

  • Sample Cutting machine
  • Sample mounting Machine
  • Microscope with Image Analyzer
  • Muffle Furnace
  • Hardness Tester
  • Handy Spectrogun
  • Dual Wavelength Pyrometers with temperature mistake proofing for forging temperature
  • Online data logger for temperature recording of all forging lines
  • SCADA system for Heat Treatment furnaces


Test equipment for Metrology Lab

  • Contour Measurement equipment
  • Digital Profile Projector
  • Granite surface plate 1000X1200X200
  • Multi / Bar Gauges
  • Slip Gauge
  • Bore Dial Gauges
  • Digital Vernier height gauge
  • Dial Indicators, special Vernier callipers,
  • Comparators
  • Inspection fixtures

Our state-of-the-art Ring Division has four (4) lines to manufacture annular shaped axis symmetric rings using both closed die forging and seamless ring rolling processes. These lines are supported by suitable induction heaters & heat treatment facilities. Our current capabilities include Rolling and Forging of ring products from 40 mm diameter to 800 mm diameter.


  • Hot Former, make: Hatebur, Switzerland, model no. AMP-70 – One (1) line
  • Radial Axial Ring Rolling Mill, make: Banning, Germany, model no.RIA – 40/32 – One (1) line
  • Make: Wagner, Germany, Model: 400 series – One (1) line
  • Make: Sket, Germany, Model: 630 series – One (1) line

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