Lustor™ - Lubrication Storage Systems:The scalable solution for the modern lube room

Best-in-class lubrication programmes depend on the methods applied for storing, transferring and applying lubricants to your valuable equipment. The first step to help ensure clean oil enters your equipment is to filter it to an acceptable level.

Lustor™ systems deliver the storage and dispensing benefits you trust, in cost-effective, compact and expandable units. Designed to protect every liter of oil from on-site environmental conditions, Lustor™ systems combine proper storage, filtration and identification to create an efficient and organised workflow. This, in turn, ensures that your lubricants remain dry and contaminant-free before they enter your equipment; saving you time and money.

Introduction To Lustor™ - Lubrication Storage System

The Lustor™ System is available in three sizes: 125 liter, 250 liter and 500 liter. The 250 liter can be stacked two high. There is also a Wall Mounted System for use in conjunction with suppliers' drums. Each System can have a lubricant identification label located on the front of the system. 

 All individual units are equipped with the Lubrication Reliability compliant basic components:

  • Heavy duty pneumatic oil pump
  • Hydraulic filter with saturation indicator
  • Filter cartridges selected for resp. lube type, viscosity and application
  • Desiccant protection breather to keep dust and moisture out
  • Lube identification label (colour/symbol/type/viscosity)

A range of accessories are available which includes underframes, retention tanks (bunds), hose pipes, oil containers, shelves, filter and pump upgrades and cupboards. 

The system is designed to be user-friendly including features such as 3D oil sight glasses or levels, digital flow meter to keep track of oil consumption and to detect abnormal spills or lubricant use. Options such as hose reels, retention spill tanks, anti-static wiring, and so forth complete the line.

The Lustor™ System conforms to EU Machine Directory 2006/EC EN ISO 12100:2010 and is CE marked and compliant.



  • Impact resistant poly-tank
  • Protects lubricants from sunlight and does not rust or react with chemicals  in lubricants
  • Heavy-duty pneumatic pump (3:1 air/oil pump)
  • 3-way filtration (10-micron filter)
  • Oil consumption meter
  • Auto shut-off dispensing tap
  • Oil level indicator
  • Drip tray
  • Drum transfer hose kit
  • Drum adapter kit
  • Desiccant breather to keep dust and moisture out




  • Compact and expandable
  • Cost-effective
  • Organized and clean workspace
  • Increases work environment safety
  • Prevents cross-contamination
  • Improves lubricant quality
  • Lowers lubricant and maintenance costs
  • Less equipment downtime
  • Increases productivity


Custom Fluid ID Label (for front of system)

  • 3 µ or 20 µ Filter
  • Pneumatic 5:1 Pump
  • Lustor Spill Containment
  • Colourised Quick Connects
  • IBC Spill Pallet


 To further minimise cross-contamination when storing and transferring lubricants, match your Lustor™ Lubrication Storage System with a dedicated OilSafe Colour-Coded Transfer Container; Drum and Lid, Drum Label Kit and Fluid Identification Label.




For more information on the Lustor systems, please watch the latest video.

More videos can be watched on our “Cinema Online Showtime” page.

Lustor™ Lubrication Storage Systems

Lustor™ - The scalable solution

Lustor™ - The wall mounted system

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