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Elgeti Engineering unveils its 4th generation bearing test rigs

Elgeti Engineering has been designing and building test rigs for over ten years and is proud to announce the newest generation. The new test rigs are built on a standardized platform with an improved housing design and our newest software package. Like all Elgeti Engineering test rigs, they feature two test stations on a single frame, allowing two independent tests to be carried out simultaneously. The first new EELPRAAX-130 model, suitable for bearings up to 130mm outer diameter, has already been sold and several other new models are joining our testing facility.

Elgeti Engineering is happy to build you a test rig either according to our standard or customized to your specifications. Rigs are available in radial, axial, and combined load models with flexible lubrication conditions and time-dependent test parameters.



Improved test head design

The test head has been fully redesigned to increase the stiffness of the housing. This reduces the impact of elastic deformations on specimens, leading to more accurate results. Oil flow within the housing has been improved and, combined with the new arrangement of the thermocouple holes, this design has a greater level of flexibility for creating toolings to fit different types of specimens and test conditions. The radial and axial load units are also modular, so they are easily modified when different load ranges are required.

Outside of the test head, the working area is at a height comfortable for the average adult, which greatly aids in inserting and removing samples. The new motor locking mechanism and safety shield ensure that the motor stays firmly in place during tests and that no foreign objects can contact the shafts or coupling.


Despite having two testing stations, the frame is still reasonably sized and able to fit through a standard doorway. The frame is now standardized across all of our test rig models, which ensures that they are all easily modified with additional components such as active oil heating or micropumps for reduced flows. The runs of pipes and hydraulic lines has also been optimized and made more easily accessible. This ensures minimal losses throught the system and as well as lower maintenance costs, which contribute to a lower total cost of ownership.


All of our test rigs come with the newest version of our software package. The software has been overhauled to enhance the user interface and functionality. The home screen shows all measured quantities in real time. Test parameters such as load and speed are time-dependent and may be set as steps, ramps, or even cycles. Manual or automatic test runs are both possible; when fully automated with shutdown criteria enabled, the rig may be operated 24/7 without supervision.


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