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Electric Car Motor bearings from XCC Group

Electric Motor Bearings are widely used in automobile, electrical,home appliances, electric tools, fitness equipment, motors, medical devices, motorbikes, textile machines,equipment, instrument, building machinery, rolling stock agricultural machinery and various specialized machineries etc.

Electric Motor Bearings with low noise, low vibration, low friction torque characteristics. HF products through its own motor bearing core technology, is committed to the development of the motor using the occasion to meet a variety of bearing products, in order to respond to the needs of manufacturing in China and other fast-growing regions of the world.


Low Noise

HF electric motor bearings with the international first-class standard of quality control, CNC automatic production line processing and manufacturing, to ensure that finished products beairng meet Z3V3 standard requirements. In addition, HF engineers according to different customer requirements customized design, satisfy such as leak grease, temperaure, dust and other personalized needs in different environment using.

HF electric motor bearings are all made of high purity steel manufacture and obtain high performance through the special heat treatment process material with high fatigue life and wear resistance, HF bearings in a variety of industries harsh working conditions to contribution of their life and maintenance-free performance.

Lubrication play an important role in the electric motor bearing, according to motor bearing high speed, low noise and high reliability, low torque requirements, and the application of bearing working condition, HF enginees provide professional guidance lubricating oil and lubricating mode for the customers; HF sealed electric motor bearings filled with the high quality grease which has been testified acquire maintain-free certifications even in high speed and high temperature conditions can meet the demanding usage requirement.

Ultra-efficient electric motor bearings
Conform to ISO and HF quality control stanards, the vibration level reached Z3V3;
Optimal design bearings groove with reducing friction, reducing energy consumption to meet the requirents of the electric motors.


Explosion-proof electric motor bearings
Conform to ISO and HF quality control stanards, the vibration level reached Z3V3;
Selected speccial bearing grease to reduce the temperature rise.


Variable speed electric motor bearings
Conform to ISO and HF quality control standards, the vibration tevel reached Z3V3;
Bearings main parameters use optimized design for high speed rotation applicaions;
Optional nylon cage to reduce noise.


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