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Shaft and Bearing Analysis Software

The rolling bearing analysis software calculates the life of rolling bearings according ISO/TS 16281 considering the inner geometry of the bearing. Considering the load distribution within the bearing, clearance and tilting angle will affect the resulting bearing life. It is available as standalone program or integrated into a shaft system calculation.

Following bearing types are currently considered:

  • Radial deep groove ball bearings
  • Axial deep groove ball bearings
  • Radial angular contact bearings (single and double row)
  • Axial angular contact bearings (single and double row)
  • Four-point bearings (considered as radial or axial bearings)
  • Three-point bearings
  • Spherical ball bearings (single and double row)
  • Duplex bearings
  • Radial cylindrical roller bearings (single and double row)
  • Radial tapered roller bearings (single and double row)
  • Axial tapered roller bearings
  • Radial spherical roller bearings (single and double row)
  • Axial spherical roller bearings
  • Axial cylindrical roller bearings
  • Cross roller bearings (considered as radial or axial bearings)
  • Angular roller bearings (considered as radial or axial bearings)



Following effects are taken into account:

  • Bearing clearance
  • Change of clearance because of interference fit and temperature
  • Centrifugal forces and gyroscopic moments
  • Elastic expansion of bearing rings
  • Lubrication for the modified reference life
  • Profiles of rollers and races
  • Load spectra
  • Elastic deformation of outer ring for track rollers


Shaft System Calculation

The shaft system calculation integrates the bearing calculation and supports shaft systems coupled by bearings, gears or belts. Further features are:


  • Definition of several coaxial shafts using cylindrical or conical elements for inner and outer geometry
  • Definition of loadings using force/moment loads or easy-to-use elements like helical gears, bevel gears or worm gears
  • Definition of rigid supports, springs or nonlinear rolling bearings as constraints
  • Import of shaft geometry as 2D-DXF or 3D-STEP
  • Calculation of statically indetermined systems
  • Calculation of deformations considering shear deformations, axial deformation and using a nonlinear beam model
  • Calculation of natural frequencies optionally with gyroscopic effect, Campbell diagram, critical speeds, 3D animation of modal shapes
  • Calculation of harmonic response to periodic loads like Imbalance
  • Calculation of harmonic response to periodic displacements
  • Calculation using load spectra
  • Strength calculation according to DIN 743 (2012)
  • Integration of rolling bearing calculation according to ISO/TS 16281
  • Integration of ball screw calculation
  • Selection of rolling bearings from database or own input of bearing geometry. Bearing databases with catalog data from SKF and Schaeffler (FAG, INA) are included
  • Diagrams for deformation, forces, moments, equivalent stress
  • Parameter variations with output as tables and diagrams
  • Definition of coupled housing stiffness matrices
  • Import of housing geometry as 3D-STEP with automatic meshing and consideration as housing stiffness matrix (and optionally by modal reduction)
  • 3D-elastic parts with consideration of deformations of bearing rings
  • Calculation of shaft systems like gearboxes
  • Calculation of planetary gear sets
  • Connection of shafts by gear pairs (helical, bevel or worm gears)
  • Connection of shafts by belts
  • Calculation of rotation speeds
  • Calculation of load distribution using a coupled FEA beam model
  • Interface to programs for gear design
  • Graphics for line load over the width if gears
  • Configurations to support variants in power flow
  • Natural frequencies and critical speeds on system level coupled be gear pairs
  • Display of mode shapes on system level, 3D animated
  • 3D-elastic housings and planet carriers
  • 3D-elastic parts with consideration of deformations of bearing rings and gear bodies for cylindrical gears
  • REXS-Import/Export for data exchange with other programs


An integration of FEA-based 3D-elastic parts allows to consider housing stiffness, elastic planet carriers, elastic bearing rings or elastic gear bodies.

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