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Customized Bearing Production & Components Modifications

At Napoleon Engineering Services they combine the manufacturing capabilities of a large bearing manufacturer with the service and precision of a specialty bearing shop. Capable of manufacturing a range of bearing types in a variety of sizes, NES takes pride in the fundamental role and service we provide for the entire bearing industry. The short lead times and skilled engineers make us an ideal source for whatever bearing need you have. They offer four primary custom bearing services all of which provide the client with the lead time and quality they deserve.

Complete Bearing Manufacturing

cm4_4582Custom Bearing Manufacturing of complete bearings is our specialty at Napoleon Engineering Services. We take great pride in satisfying our customers’ needs and providing them with high quality bearings that will exceed both their expectations and those of their customers. Our savvy engineers extensively analyze application conditions to create a cost effective reliable product. With our comprehensive machining facility consisting of CNC turning, CNC milling, and CNC grinding machines capable of producing parts up to 18″ in diameter, NES can manufacture a large range of products with specialty materials and processes to fit your needs.


Available Materials:


  • Specialty Ring Materials

    - 52100, M50, M50Nil, 440C, XD15NW, Pyrowear 675, Silicon Nitride

  • Specialty Rolling Elements
    - 52100, M50, 440C, Silicon Nitride (Ceramic)

  • Specialty Cages
    - Steel, Bronze, Silver Plated Steel or Bronze, Nylon, PEEK™, Vespel™, Torlon™, Phenolic

  • Specialty Coatings
    - Molybdenum Disulfide, Dicronite™, Thin-Dense Chrome (TDC), Titanium Carbide (TiC), Nickel, Zinc

Napoleon Engineering Services modification program provides customers with flexible solutions to their bearing problems. Through the use of existing inventory NES can modify standard products to fit the most specific application requirements. Modifying existing products reduces lead time and increases savings while significantly enhancing the products performance in the application. NES is equipped to conduct precision and simple modifications, ensuring the bearing will operate efficiently. Bearing modification is part of the industrial bearing Condition Analysis Reclamation (CAR) program.


Precision Modification


Through our industry conforming precision modifications clients are able to meet and exceed their design intentions. We offer a variety of precision services for a variety of bearings.

  • Duplex Grinding

    • Angular contact ball bearings

    • Deep groove ball bearings

  • Ceramic Hybrids

    • Angular contact ball bearings

    • Deep groove ball bearings

  • Radial Clearance Changes

    • All bearing types

  • Specialty Cages

    • PEEK�, Vespel�, Nylon, Bronze, Steel, Phenolic

    • 1-piece machined snap-on

    • 1-piece machined full pocket

    • 2-piece machined riveted

  • Anti-Rotation holes, grooves, slots

  • Non-Standard Bore Sizes

    • Enlarging a bearing bore to special dimensions and tolerances

  • Tapered Bore 1:12 – all types

  • Oil Holes and Grooves – W33 designation

  • Special Width Requirements

  • Seal/Shield Additions – Teflon seals

  • Precision Spacers – Tapered Roller Bearing Sets

  • Dry Film and Specialty Lubricants



Simple Modification


NES also performs simple modifications of a variety of bearing models.


  • Snap Ring Grooving

  • Regreasing

    • All grease types for special applications – Mobil 28, Exxon Polyrex EM, Aeroshell #7, Chevron SRI#2, Andok C, Shell Alvania #2, Food grade greases, Kluber greases, Krytox greases, etc.

  • Seal/Shield Replacements

  • Special Marking

    • Air pencil

    • Electrochemial

    • Laser marking

Napoleon Engineering Services component manufacturing program designs and manufactures the components that are vital to the successful operation of the bearing. Below is a list of components that NES manufactures.


  • Specialty Cages – for standard and precision application requirements
      • PEEK,® Vespel®, Nylon, Bronze, Steel, Phenolic
      • 1-piece machined snap-on
      • 1-piece machined full pocket
      • 2-piece machined riveted
  • Precision Spacers
      • Tapered roller bearing sets require precision spacers to ensure proper endplay or preload requirements
  • Special Ring Configuration
      • Wide, narrow, puller grooves any non-standard configuration can be provided
  • Ceramic Balls and Rollers
      • Available in the highest quality US manufactured Silicon Nitride ceramic balls sizes up to 2″ diameter
      • Ceramic rollers made-to-order

NES’s industrial bearing Condition Analysis Reclamation (CAR) program provides customers with the highest quality recondition bearings. Through Condition Analysis Reclamation the reconditioned bearing can achieve 87 to 99 percent of the life of a new bearing. Through NES’s various inspection and reconditioning processes each of these levels is achieved.


Reclamation Level I

Processing bearings involves inspecting a used bearing and checking/comparing it with new bearing drawing requirements. This process involves:

  • Demagnetization
  • Cleaning
  • Nondestructive testing, if applicable
  • Visual/microscopic inspection
  • Minor repair: buffing and polishing of inactive and active surfaces, stoning of nicks and gouges in corner radii
  • Dimensional inspection
  • Reassembly (to include retainer riveting or snap-in retention)
  • Dynamic testing (if required): rotation of bearing rings to permit evaluation of noise level, torque characteristics, and/or similar functional parameters
  • Lubrication/preservation
  • Packaging


Refurbishment Level II

Refurbishment of bearings is rework of bearings that goes beyond the scope of reclamation. This encompasses all of the operations of reclamation plus one or more of the following:

  • Replacing rolling elements
  • Reworking/replacing retainers
  • Interchanging used components and/or substituting new components to create a different assembly identity
  • rinding or polishing and/or plating of mounting surfaces as necessary to return to original drawing dimensions
  • Honing (superfinishing) raceways not to exceed 0.0005 in. total metal removal per surface


Restoration Level III

Restoration of bearings involves the removal of material by grinding operation. This term encompasses all of the operations of reclamation and refurbishment plus one or more of the following operations:

  • Grinding races up to 0.003 in. per surface
  • Installing oversize rolling elements
  • Installing original or replacement retainer when required


Remanufacture Level IV

Remanufacturing of bearings involves rework of bearings, where new components beyond the rolling elements and retainers are manufactured. This term encompasses all the operations of processing and may involve either refurbishing or regrinding of the old parts which are reused and one or more of the following:

  • Manufacturing of a new ring
  • Manufacturing of a new retainer



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