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Helping manufacturers navigate challenging times

Helping manufacturers navigate challenging times, KG-U series bearings the perfect combination of performance and economy

KG-U Series bearings, unlock savings

We understand the pressures being felt in every company and every industry nowadays. Costs are under extreme pressure, maintenance budgets are being stretched to the limit but engineers still need products which keep you running reliably. Not possible to achieve all three? At KG International, we think it is.

We have never stopped supporting customers and their objectives, and have developed a complete range of industrial bearings for heavy machinery and industrial equipment. Providing a viable alternative to premium brand components, helping preserve production and operational efficiency with the perfect combination of quality, performance and economy. Manufactured to international standards, our products play their part in supporting your business goals.

With an excellent reputation in serving customers in the most challenging industries across the region and further afield, our KG-U series bearings have helped provide customer solutions in the following industries; Quarrying & Mining, Mineral Processing, Construction Equipment, Cement & Concrete Manufacturing, Food & Sugar Processing, Conveying & Material Handling, Agricultural Equipment, Industrial Automation, Water Processing & Utilities, Ports & Marine, to name a few!

Our application engineers stand ready to support your sales team to install the correct product - whether premium or KG brand - according to your customers' specifications and the application requirements, within a predefined budget.

KG-U Series Bearings for Heavy Industry

A complete range of Spherical, Taper and Cylindrical Roller bearings, specially designed for the challenging conditions of heavy industries, such as steel mills, crushers, cement & paper mills, mining & earthmoving equipment.

KG-U series bearings a viable alternative to premium brands in applications where operators need to find a careful balance of costs and application requirements. Designed and specially manufactured to cope with the severe conditions found in the regions heavy industries, our U series roller bearings are as robust and effective as they are economical. KG International is focused on working with you to deliver your operational goals, product quality and considerable savings, to keep your company moving as you respond to ever changing world demands.

Our U series bearings are designed for heavily contaminated operations. Materials are selected for long bearing life, and special heat treatment processes ensure wear resistance and durability. The KG-U series bearings are specially designed and manufactured in ISO facilities, with stringent quality checks and controls ensuring that they deliver the performance and longer life required by the harsh application environments, whilst also offering businesses a superior economical advantage.


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