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RKB Bearing Industries presents a new AF2D Multiroll Cage Design for rolling mill stands

RKB Multi-row cylindrical roller bearings, also known as Multiroll, are mainly used in rolling mill stands, where they are subjected to very high radial loads and impacts, combined with medium-low speeds. With its revision of the AF2D design, RKB adopted a new generation of two double pronged machined steel cage featuring:

  • Higher cage tenon stiffness compared with the classical design
  • Cage pocket optimization, which reduces roller drop and highly improves piloting
  • Enhanced cage manufacturing precision with narrow dimensional tolerances


Furthermore, to better suit in a wide range of applications and environments in the harsh conditions of the steel and aluminum industry, the new RKB AF2D Multi-row presents superfinished rolling elements with a special roller profile and an advanced crowning technology for outer ring raceways. Combining these two technical solutions, the new RKB AF2D Multi-row gets a smooth pressure distribution among rolling elements and ring raceways, reducing stress edge effect and leading to longer bearing service life.


To meet different application requirements, the new RKB AF2D Multi-row is available with Inner Ring (L-suffix) in one or two pieces, both with cylindrical or tapered bore. Compared to standard through-hardened martensite steel microstructure, the RKB Bainite Treatment Technology - adopted for rings and rolling elements - of the new RKB AF2D Multi-row offers outstanding resistance to impacts, wear and fatigue.


In applications requiring an easy bearing mounting or an automated assembly utilizing robots, the new RKB AF2D Multi-row is the right choice due to its nonseparable design for the Outer Assembly - R and the special cage with limited roller drop.


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