The undisputed reference point for automatic lubricators

MEMOLUB® HPS is the leading product in our range.

Its content of 120 cm3 – 240 cm3 or 480 cm3 and 7 daily output programs of 0.3 to 14.4cc make it the most versatile lubricator in our range.

Its 25 Bar pressure, it can be installed remotely up to 10 meters from the lube point and can lubricate up to 8 points simultaneously with distributor blocks. 

MEMOLUB® HPS is certified ATEX-EX zone 22.

Frequency setting is regulated by the MEMO from1 week to 24 months through MEMO rings.

This MEMO is a unique system to adjust Memolub daily output. MEMO is set once when unit is installed and is then permanently fitted to the lube point. Maintenance personnel does not need to worry about settings anymore facilitating the lube organisation.

MEMO setting is an easy and quick operation.

The environmental impact is also limited with MEMOLUB® HPS.

The only replaceable consumables are plastic recyclable cartridges and the set of batteries.

Endlessly rechargeable, MEMOLUB® HPS is working with oil and grease up to NLGI #2.

Ideal for all types of industrial applications: bearings, open gears, chains, rollers, …

The exceptional features and high-quality manufacture of MEMOLUB® provide economical, reliable, safe and ecological care for your equipment.

1. Benefits


  • Long-term protection of equipment.
  • Increased mechanical reliability.
  • Cartridges change in less than 60 seconds!
  • Accurate lubrication.
  • Reduced maintenance costs.
  • Increased profitability.
  • The right lubricant volume per point. 



  • Industry proven: 30 years’ worldwide distribution.
  • Exceptional setting features.
  • Patented pump design.



  • Remote installation for difficult or dangerous access points.
  • Reduced downtime for lubrication.
  • Easy to use.
  • Instant verification offered by transparent housing and check function.



  • Reusable.
  • Wide range of affordable replacement cartridges and battery power packs.
  • Unlimited refills.
  • Reduced environmental impact.
  • Reduced lubricant consumption and improved protection of production equipment.



A powerful and efficient pump

  • Dosing pump with adjustable output.
  • Lubricant ejection pressure: 25 bar.
  • High-performance pump able to pump lubricants at extreme temperatures and with high viscosity.




The Memo: Smart Setting

  • The patented Memo system adjusts the lubricant output frequency.
  • The output frequency can be adapted on demand.
  • The settings are independent from the body and the cartridge.


  • Critical components
  • Difficult or dangerous access points
  • Accurate greasing
  • High greasing frequency
  • Lubrication without machine downtime








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